Odd Socks

by George Gadd

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A collection of songs that I love but i never managed to fit onto an EP.


released 29 May 2014



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Track Name: Allison
you said it's spelt with two l's
i caught your rose in the rain
from the corners of the club night
but you didn't know my name

you were the only one who gave a damn

but allison you changed me
you told me everything was fine
sharing a smoke in the sunrise
running off into the night

i could have kissed you at the taxi rank
Track Name: Don't You Love?
lover wake me if you're cold
shuffle to me and i'm sold
we'll talk for hours just for the sun to wake us up

weekdays, we ration our love
a dosage each day is enough
you grow greedy and anxious with each passing day

don't you love?
don't you love at all?
don't you love the way this hurts?

lover call me if you're sick
i promise you i will be quick
i'll make you soup, we'll watch twin peaks the rest of the night
Track Name: Affinity
i could have kissed you at the station with the tannoy ringing loud, by the tracks of a second life. i could have told you under street lamps with the crowd looking back like a movie that you may have seen. i could have stayed for another round as we talked about music and the things that it gives to us free. i could have kissed you at the station with our love still intact, now the phone rings and it speaks back to me.