Better Shape

by George Gadd

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released January 19, 2017

Lyrics and Music by George Gadd

Bass/Synths: Dan Hess
Drums: Elliott Caen

Vocals and guitar on Milhouse: John Jeacock (Merrick's Tusk)
Additional vocals on Runaway & Sweet Tea: Ellie Keegan
Additional vocals on Exit Strategy: Tilly Currer

Gang vocals on Runaway: Paddy Craig, Clara Cullen, Andreas Perez, Sophie Thompson-Smith, Harambe

Thanks to Barlow at Under The Bridge Records, Alex at Safe & Clean, Phil at JT and the chaps from LB.


all rights reserved



George Gadd Nottingham, UK


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Track Name: Milhouse
Most days I wake up by the light of the moon
with nothing to hold but this song in my head
and a bottle of empty regrets.

Some mornings wake up with nothing to prove.
I’ll swing at air but in this end i’ll always lose.
i’m on the brink of a breakthrough (with you)

I’m throwing stones at every glass house that I can find
But I won’t stick around to sweep the glass up

I’m running on empty calories and table scraps,
room temperature beer in-between naps
and i’m carving out each day into the wall.
I will stop before I stall

I’m burning every bridge that I have ever crossed
But I won’t stick around to watch the fire stop
Track Name: Runaway
I woke up a hundred miles from my hometown alone
jumping trains to see how far i’d get
coasting down the carriageway of my recovery
catching every pothole on the way

darling you could be my runaway
you are my restless dream

cotton candy beauty queen, my teenage fantasy
was deconstructed right infront of me
glassy eyed from constant nights and whisky on my breath
you said never mind the distance babe and never mind the mess

with the night on your side
and an old 45
Track Name: Exit Strategy
I left the city through a tin can in a fevered state
burrowed beneath bypasses and dual carriageways
found an old abandoned house with a fresh warm bed
to a home and a family with a clear, cool head

like a dog-eared page with a tea stained drip
it’s a tourist trap outlined in the script
go tell fair tuck that he don’t exist
and that global warming is some old wives myth

but if you really missed the east then you would call
and if you really missed those early morning sprawls
and if you weren’t fixed on finding a better way, i suppose there’s one more chance
tell me if you need me, in the morning i’ll be near

kill the bought time with a biro and a melody
bury the bodies outside of the city
if it don’t exist, then it ain’t for me
tell each beckoning canyon in the long dead seas
Track Name: Sycamore
powder blue, your eyes dart round the room
golden by the bar light and the night

fractured dawn, cutting through the storm
a kite caught up in an old oak tree for weeks
i pull and it’s free

paralysed, the apple of my eye
was shot and split, left rotten on the ground

and sycamore, you’re always standing tall
settled by the storm that calms your mind
but i can just climb

darling i’ll climb

breaking into better shape, i left you
how am i supposed to find my way out?

but darling, i’m fine
Track Name: Sweet Tea
Sketched out your name in the fog of my mirror
as I scrubbed out each sin, it was clear
that all the scattered light had frozen in time
leaving patterns and shapes in my mind

and whisky cures wounds that time cannot heal
i’ve been kicked down by words just as strong
but a woman like you, can take all my youth
leave me broken and bruised in the head

you’re the smoke on my shirt
and the blood in my teeth
i will try to be me

but I scaled your gate trying to reclaim my soul
we were kids when I kicked it to you
but i wasn’t so sly and you saw me hide
throwing fruit at me in the stocks

you’re the smoke on my shirt and the blood in my teeth
i will try to be better for you and me

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