George Gadd​/​Robot Company

by Various Artists

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The second of the 'With Friends' series is backed by my bros in Robot Company, an insanely talented twosome and 'Matlock Expressway' is just a taster of what is to come from their upcoming second EP. I personally love the juxtaposition that they provided to the split.

'The Day That We Died' was partly inspired by my Summer in Burlington, KY and anyone I came into contact with who partly inspired it. Especially Frank Turner.


released July 1, 2013

'The Day That We Died'
Original song and lyrics by George Gadd
Production & Engineering by Dan Hess and Jack Cole
Additional Vocals provided by Jack Cole, Luke Ford, Dan Hess, Ethan Lowry, Dave Stone

Original lyrics and music by M. Bishop and Simon Heydecker
Recorded in Millennium Point's Drum Tank and a living room by George Gadd, Sherman Leung and Rhodri Owen
Additional Mastering provided by Jack Cole and Dan Hess



all rights reserved
Track Name: George Gadd - The Day That We Died
we laid down on the roof of your car
and watched the sun set as our eyes turned tired
you said that midnight always hits you
you grow tired and settle down
into the cold grassy knoll

none of this is real to me
pinch me if i die
seems i was born on the day that we died

pouring rum inside some mountain dew
that i bought for a buck
and it's been so long without you that i couldn't give a dump
about the birds and the bees
and the things between our knees


we drove down i-71 with the wind against our teeth
and frank turner on the stereo as we sing in the backseat
and it was there that i decided
that i'm not the man for you
i'm not a man that's true

Track Name: Robot Company - Matlock Expressway
Across the shoreline I feel you.
I’m underwater.
You are too.

Seas churn
Eyes burn
What are you waiting for?

And on the bayshore I see you
And on the bayshore I’m seeing through
And it’s turning around

Seas churn
Eyes burn
What are you waiting for?

Seas swirl
My pearl
Hit head on