by George Gadd

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released October 5, 2012

Lyrics, Vocals & Guitar by George Gadd
Piano provided by Lucas Ford
Bass Guitar provided by Daniel Hess
Trumpet provided by Georgie Cockerill
Production by Jack Cole & Daniel Hess
Shouting on 'Glass Bottom Boat' provided by Cara Lack, Natalie Colen, Rhodri Owen, Charles Parry, Lucas Ford, Daniel Hess Bread Topham and Toby Gray Photography
Artwork done by Alice Obermeyer & Toby Gray Photography



all rights reserved
Track Name: Bride/Beast
There was swimming in the street
you left the poet with the beast
plucked the feather boa bride
from patchwork people with wide-eyed smiles.
Late manoeuvres in the dark
as we watch the city choke on its heart
the painted shadows on cement
expand in size with her ascent.
Track Name: Women I Belong To
Born in the urgency of a midsummer's day
"You were born in a heat wave", you said.
And raised in the memory of a good namesake
When I took her name, that's all I took from her

We waltzed in the hurricane of a love that decayed
Your hair felt torn & frayed to me.
And summer stood quietly on the verge of a cliff
You see with autumns drift, that we end

Maybe I should take the time
to find the fault between the lines
read the small print til' I go blind.
Maybe try to settle down
trace the way back to my town
Breathe the air & kiss the ground

From the fire escape, to the coldness of your skin
where we reproduce our sins again and again
there's no reason to cringe at the sight of the morning,
it is just another warning we hold.
Track Name: Leave Me In The Dark
i saw a tree that had toppled over from the storm
it reminded me of us
so i dragged it home and built a boat out of it
now i sail on open water
set a course for the tempest sweeping westbound
towards lands that i have yet to venture near
You think in fairy tales,
sputter miracles from the ghosts of young lovers
In separate beds we lay
A 5’9 hurricane of her, stays the same
you left me in the dark, so I left you there in the rain.

you shed your skin after sleeping off the day
do your memories follow suit?
because you told me that you'd never felt this bad and
that is why i cannot love you
leave me in the dark with a broken heart
and a light that I will turn on when you leave
well if you leave me in the dark, I will leave you there with your name.
Track Name: Glass Bottom Boat
We were caught under a vague blue moon
you slipped on the ice and chipped your tooth
just like the horse, with its head in the fence
I can’t be satisfied, in my given tense

Try to flee from the full moon eyes that follow me around
You wait around for the perfect time to make your voice heard

You are a glass bottom boat
I just wanna swim in your moat
to see the real you
My face was cold but my beard took shape
I cut my hair, and got rid of my name
the trees are stipped to skeletons
the leaves roll on by in an orderly line
I live in a paper town
but I could burn the whole thing down
We are the heart of a Saturday night
we drink til’ we’re blind, we drink all the time
Sinatra is dead & so is the king
no one’s in their throne
but we still sing
Track Name: Dutch Courage
A faint tan line on your ring finger suggests,
You now puncture your skin and frequent bars.
Brewed Dutch courage on draught in my glass
a bitter taste I try to hate, leaves me cold.

By eight or five, I am a dancing set of bones
"let the saxophone sing", I said as I gave you the ring
beads of sweat coasting down the small of my back
by daybreak, I will be just an imprint off the screen.

Be gentle to me

in the morning take short breaths
calm yourself before the mess
anger only breeds regret
easy love's not what i need
you instigate the injury
leave it broken on the bed
i was told i was born to run
that i was born beneath a giant's sun
and i've been blinded all my life
god, be gentle & god be good
somehow we're all misunderstood
no matter how much you still pray.

There was swimming, in the street;
you left it there with all my grief.