George Gadd​/​Open To Fire

by Various Artists

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Finally, 6 months late. The third instalment of the 'With Friends' series is backed by the incomparable Open To Fire trading in their electric guitars for acoustics.

'The Least You Could Let Me Do' has been floating around a very very long time (December 2011) so i'm glad to have finally recorded in properly and put it out there. I've shared a lot of funny experiences with this song so here's to some more!

With Friends 4 is out DECEMBER!


released November 25, 2013

'The Least You Could Let Me Do'
Original song and lyrics by George Gadd
Production & Engineering by Dan Hess and Jack Cole
Additional Instrumentation provided by Dan Hess & Jack Cole

Original lyrics and music by Zak Tolley and Paul Beaumont
Recorded and Mixed by George Gadd
Additional Mastering provided by Jack Cole and Dan Hess



all rights reserved
Track Name: George Gadd - The Least You Could Let Me Do
we both know i broke you in so many ways
and what can i say, i was young i was crazy
there's you on the shelf like a broken toy
in the morning you'd weep for a lost little boy

so the least you could let me do
is to buy you a drink just to say it was you
that stole my heart
for the first time

there's so many people trapped with people they hate
do the carry the burden? take it to their grave
but now you see it wasn't me who was built for that role
to wake you each morning, to carry to hold

i moved out west and snapped out of your spell
found people i cherish and i found myself
but maybe i'll search for a woman to hold
someone who won't leave me out in the cold

you don't even have to sit with me
just take your drink and leave
i will be guilt free
knowing that you still know me
Track Name: Open To Fire - I'll Never Forget My Five And A Half Weeks At The Top
It was just me, and you, in summer
Talk beneath the tree’s, and leaves, were under
Eyes beneath the shades, we fade, we got no time to hit the hay
Whether its May, or June, its summer
We were throwing it down
We’d sing so loud
Watching our way down
Keeping eyes on the road, and my feet, beneath me
Keep an eye on the sea, at night, it defeats me
We can’t look after our self, out there, The curbs look bigger than life itself
Eyes on the road, and my feet, beneath me

We were throwing it down
We’d sing so loud
Burn our skin on the ground
And just splashing around
Lost and I’m found
My mother wouldn’t be proud
Watching our way down